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Beauty solutions by nature

Beauty solutions by nature

The Cleanse you need for naturally healthy skin, hair and weight loss.

How nice would it be if your beauty routine consisted of basking in the goodness of nature alone? It’s no news that stressful urban lifestyles and the use of instant solutions may be fruitful for short term goals, but their negligible yet constant assault on our natural constitution leads to wear and tear that can only be tackled and kept at bay by natural remedies.

Yes, even those seemingly cosmetic problems of skin and hair, can be tackled with Mother Nature’s care!

Hair Raising Solution

Air pollution, stress, unhealthy eating – all are reasons for hair fall and unfortunately are recurring evils in our lives today. While it is normal to lose some hair on a daily basis, excessive hair fall does raise alarm bells.

Dry, brittle, oily, sparse, thick – all hair needs some common basic nourishment. Be it regular oiling, or combing to stimulate the follicles, or keeping clean to avoid oil and scalp-related issues, one must not neglect hair care. An option is to use tonics that have Butea Gum Tree extract – an astringent that helps curtail damage to the scalp, and strengthens the hair strand – from root to tip. It also stimulates rapid hair growth.

No matter what regimen you take up for your hair, it’s important that you hydrate and eat protein-rich foods to boost the regimen’s effectiveness, in addiction to energizing the rest of your system.

Saved by the Skin

Our skins weather so many difficulties that war wounds and scars invariably show for all to see. Acne, inflammations, sunburns and all kinds of skin disorders mar our external beauty.

The solution in nature exists, but in various forms. Lentils and Five-Leaved Chaste Trees are widely known to have anti-inflammatory properties associated with acne. Silk cotton tree extracts and alum too are popularly used for their astringent characteristics, behaving as antiseptics for acnes, ulcers, superficial skin eruptions, etc.

Creams like Himalaya’s Acne Pimple Cream combine the properties of the above ingredients along with Barbados Aloe to keep away breakouts of acne and other skin infections. In addition, their exfoliating function keep the blackheads at a distance without leaving scars.

But nothing quite replaces sufficient hydration and a healthy lifestyle – one that supports rest and nutritional intake. For severe and persisting skin troubles, it’s best to visit a dermatologist.

Weight Watching

Maintaining optimum weight keeps away some of the most common major diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, reproductive dysfunction etc. We munch on fast foods on a regular basis, or skip meals for various reasons such as work, or stringent diets – but nothing quite replaces weight management as regular exercise and a well-planned, balanced diet.

For those who live urban lifestyles, excessive eating is often left unmonitored. And while it may seem like ‘one last time’ for every next round of food you have every meal, it’s always better to be precautious than be regretful. Vrikshamla – is known to help increase serotonin levels, the hormone that helps suppress hunger. A tablet before your meal will ensure you’re eating slightly less than usual. In addition, it also controls triglycerides and cholesterol, and prevents the accumulation of fat in the body.

An optimized metabolism is almost always the answer for better weight management.

Then again, maybe looking good and feeling just as good can go hand in hand. With your body being at the peak of its function, and your skin and hair glowing with natural care, stay prepared to handle the compliments!


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