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with the Changing Seasons

Handy Tips to Deal 
with the Changing Seasons

Handy Tips to Deal 
with the Changing Seasons

The lovely monsoon has arrived, bringing with it the much needed relief from the merciless summer heat. And as the rains delight hearts of all ages across the country, it also brings in tow a number of health and safety hazards. But don’t let the changing season ruin your enjoyment of the monsoon – simply follow these handy tips to ensure you and your family stay clean, dry, safe and healthy.


Food safety

  • Cook everything and cook it well! Raw, uncooked food is a playground for germs especially in these humid days.
  • Drinking boiled or filtered water is always a good practice but during the monsoons it can be a life saver.
  • Medium or low salt intake prevents water retention and is also easier on the stomach.
  • Since the tummy is usually the first organ to suffer during these months, it’s always a good idea to go easy on it as much as possible.
  • Ginger acts as a natural antibiotic and helps prevent your throat and stomach from getting infected, so adding it to your diet will help boost immunity.
  • Legumes and pulses should take precedence over other foods since they are rich in proteins and much less likely to get destroyed by the excessive humidity
  • A teaspoonful of chyavanaprasha everyday will boost your overall immunity and help prevent a number of health issues.
  • Finally, remember to wash everything. From hands to fruits and vegetables, wash everything well to get rid of maximum germs.

Guard your homes from disease

  • Stagnant water during the rains attracts a wide variety of mosquitoes that bring a number of nasty diseases in tow. Stock up on mosquito repellents, mosquito nets and try to ensure the efficacy of drainage facilities in your area.
  • Water has a nasty habit of finding its way in through every crack and nothing spoils the fun of a monsoon more than a wet, cold house. Plug all the leaky areas in your house well in advance, be it the roof, a window or even a door.
  • Water logging and power cuts may often find you confined to your house. It’s a good idea to always keep your house well stocked with dry foods and make sure you at least have emergency lights if not a power generator to deal with those power cuts.

Stock up the meds

  • A first aid kit should be a part of every household and should include basic necessities like antibiotics, antiseptic creams, cold balms etc.
  • Make sure you always have cold balms in your medicine cabinets. Respiratory tract infections can strike at any time and nothing relieves congestion better than the application of a cold balm to the chest, nose and throat.
  • Do not ignore even mild fevers and infections. Even a mild fever that lasts more than three days should be checked out by a medical professional to rule out more dangerous diseases. 
  • Always keep a tube of antiseptic cream handy since even a minor skin abrasion that has been left unattended can invite diseases like leptospirosis. Besides such a cream will also help those suffering from skin allergies.

Some smart tips for braving the rains

  • Stick to wearing light cotton clothes that will dry easily, so make sure you don’t put away your summer wardrobe! The same goes for shoes. Stow away your boots and shoes and always opt for sandals that will dry easily.
  • Always check up on traffic reports before leaving the house, especially if you live in an area prone to water-logging.
  • During the heavy monsoon months, make sure you eat well and get plenty of rest. Travelling in the rains is always tricky and the excess dampness can take a heavy toll on your body which in turn makes you more susceptible to diseases.
  • Consumption of herbal tonics like Amalaki, Guduchi, Haridra, Tulasi and Ashvagandha can help rejuvenate your system.

These simple yet effective tips should ensure you have a stress free monsoon. So get out there and enjoy the rains with a light heart, unburdened mind and a healthy body ready to take on the world!


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