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Health at your fingertips

Health at your fingertips

Health care begins at home.

One can perfectly take care of their health and defense system if they eat, sleep and exercise right and consume a diet rich in all nutrients – from carbohydrates, fats and proteins to the smaller yet essential elements such as minerals and vitamins. 

We often hear of solutions to the biggest problems being available in our own backyards. Likewise, there are many solutions to signs that your immunity is being threatened, and also to simply keeping your immunity intact, that can be procured from the conventional Indian kitchen!

  1. Fever : This is usually a good sign that your immune system is fighting against antigens and viruses in the body. Persisting fevers require you to visit a doctor. Only feel less ill-at-ease during fevers, here’s a solution:
        • Crush a handful of Tulsi leaves and 1 inch of ginger.
        • Press the mixture with the back of the spoon to squeeze out all the liquid
        • Add 1tsp of honey.
        • Drink every 4 to 6 hours

    Tulsi leaves help clear chest congestion while honey fights off infections. Drinking hot water will also help you keep your body hydrated.

  2.  Hair Loss :  With a harsh climate and vehicular air pollution around us, many people suffer from hair fall and hair loss in spite of a balanced diet. Well, the good news is that you can figure out a remedy in the privacy of your home
        • Take one part cinnamon
        • 2 parts honey
        • 3 parts olive oil
        • Mix them together and apply to areas of hair loss
        • Leave for about a half hour and wash away.
  3. Menstrual Cramps : Period cramp is the one common woe for many women – irrespective of age and occupation. In case of severe menstrual cramps, some find it difficult to cope. Here’s a suggestion of what can make the ache less severe:
        • Eat two tablespoons of flax seeds during your menstrual period because of their hormone balancing properties and phytoestrogens.
  4. Dry Skin : Dry skin can lead to susceptibility to infections, and itching. Battling this to moisturize your skin, making it supple comes in a rather delicious way.
        • Mash together two bananas
        • Mix with two tablespoons of honey
        • Apply it to the skin for 15-20 minutes and wash off

    Banana with its potassium and Vitamin E, promote healthy skin. Honey’s antibacterial properties keep infections at bay.

  5. Common Cold : One of the most common and foremost symptoms of viruses and weather change, common cold or the flu can be easily curbed with many simple home remedies. Take your pick:
        • Chywanaprash: It is a kind of delicious Ayurvedic mixture, and should be taken daily to strengthen the lungs and boost the immune system.
        • Turmeric acts as a mighty potent natural antibiotic and can be used for all respiratory tract infections. Boil half a cup of water with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric, add a little milk and gargle with it for a while.
  6. Acne : A lot of women and men struggle with acne, even if they have graduated high school eons ago. Here are some remedies to experiment with, at home.
        • Crush some Neem leaves and apply on the acne. They behave as a great anti-bacterial and cooling agent.
        • Grannies also recommend mixing sandalwood powder with rose water and applying it on the skin as a pack twice a day. 

Here’s to keeping well, and the best of health – through and through!


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