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This Monsoon

How to Avoid Illnesses 
This Monsoon

How to Avoid Illnesses 
This Monsoon

The rains have arrived and as usual they bring with them a number of fresh diseases. But you can choose to protect your family by simply following these little tips guaranteed to prepare you for every major health hazard you might face this rainy season.

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Gastroenteritis or stomach bugs are among the first diseases to show up with the rains. Boiling drinking water and washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating effectively helps curb a large number of stomach bugs. Regularly using ginger in your meals will resolve minor tummy issues even before they develop, while immunity boosters like Chyavanaprasha and tonics like Ashvagandha will guard your system against the monsoon assault of diseases.


Typhoid is yet another disease that often rears its ugly head around the beautiful months of the rainy season. Battle it by avoiding untreated water and uncooked foods from dubious sources. It’s always inadvisable to consume food from open, unhygienic roadside stalls but the risk increases manifold during these months. If you must, only have hot, home-cooked meals and drink only bottled water.


Transmitted mainly through human and animal faeces, cholera can be effectively curbed by maintaining proper sanitation facilities. In addition to that, always wash your hands thoroughly before handling food. 


Heavy rains means water logging, which leads to mosquitoes breeding. More mosquitoes inevitably leads to the spread of vector borne diseases like malaria. To curb this danger, always keep water containers well-covered and ensure your area has proper drainage facilities so as to avoid water logging around your residence.


Malaria isn’t the only problem in the neighbourhood – the season also is known for increasing susceptibility to dengue, which leads to a weak immunity system. Awareness of an endemic of this disease is the first step to prepare yourself against it. The best way to prevent this vector borne disease is to hydrate yourself and use measures to prevent exposure to bites entirely. Mosquito repellents, air conditioned living and mosquito nets are most advised, especially when alerted about rising cases of dengue in the city.

Respiratory tract infections

Your lungs, nose and throat are also susceptible to illnesses caused by these bugs during the monsoon but don’t let them play spoilsport. Cold balms are an excellent remedy for relieving congestion while regular salt water gargles and steam inhalation is always helpful in preventing slight colds and respiratory issues from developing into full blown infections. A teaspoonful of Chyavanaprasha every day is also recommended for boosting your immunity system against these discomfiting situations.

Conjunctivitis or pink eye

The changing season also affects eyes. Though short lived, conjunctivitis can be very unpleasant and easily avoided by not touching your eyes with unwashed hands, and by cleaning your eyes with water. Irritation, redness and a constant feeling of having a foreign particle lodged in your eye are some of the symptoms of this and if not taken care of, can spread to the unaffected eye. If contracted, use warm compresses and eye drops to prevent it from spreading to the other eye. Seeing a family physician can give you more clarity on the medication you will need to cure the conjunctivitis.


Leptospirosis spreads through animal urine which can quite easily mix with stagnant water in the rains making things rather unpleasant for those who love strolling in the rain. As you splash through the puddles that inevitably form in this season, make sure you don’t have any open scabs or wounds on your legs. Antiseptic creams should be used on even the tiniest skin abrasion so as to avoid the possibility of leptospirosis. In fact antiseptic creams can aid in dealing with a number of skin allergies too.

So remember, if you’re looking forward to a disease free monsoon, ensure your house is well stocked with boiled water, fresh food, mosquito repellents, cold balms, antiseptic creams, Guduchi, Amalaki, ashvagandha and chyavanaprasha. Arm yourself well against seasonal illnesses like dengue, leptospirosis and conjunctivitis and the dreaded monsoon months will surely pass by in a breeze.


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