Recycle food waste and dig in!

When you skin fruits and vegetables before eating them, you are unassumingly throwing away major nutrients and their health benefits! Well, here’s what we know about how that ‘waste’ is actually a treasure trove of goodness!

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Mango Skin

The skin of a mango helps weight loss efforts by burning fat. The fruit’s skin is also believed to fight off cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Apple Skin

Another fruit skin that helps fight obesity is that of an apple. It also contains about half of the apple’s overall dietary fibre content, vitamin A, C and potassium. This helps blood clotting during injuries and activates the proteins for cell growth. So remember- “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away …ONLY if you eat it with the skin.”

Kiwi fruit

The hairy skin of the kiwi fruit is thought to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties. It also contains 3 times the antioxidants of the pulp. So next time, when juicing the fruit, use the skin too!


While bananas are the most commonly eaten fruit, banana peel extract helps ease depression and mood swings, and protects eye cells from exposure to ultraviolet light, reducing risk of cataract.

Potato skin

Most of the potato’s fibre, nutrients and vitamins are preserved when they are eaten with the skin on. For an overall healthy immune system regulation, and organ function, eat it with the skin.


Watermelons are so red, juicy and yummy. What about the rind? Sounds unappetizing, but when pickled (like a cucumber), or simply sautéed and seasoned, the rind proves beneficial for the heart, immune system and blood circulation.

So right before you peel off a fruit or vegetable, and throw the skin away, take a moment to digest the goodness of what you’re about to do away with!

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